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Addressing Climate Change in our community

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 Time is short to take effective action on climate disruption.  Help us shape the vision for what our community will look like in 2030.

Will we be free of using harmful fossil fuels in our homes? Can we increase regenerative food-growing practices to pull CO2 out of the air and provide more food security?  Can we restore our coastlines and forest ecosystems to a more thriving state?  Can we house all our community?  Be part of the solution and the vision!

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Are you passionate about your community? We are always looking for volunteers to help us make our vision of an earth-and-people-friendly community a reality.  We invite you to get in touch.

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We are community-based individuals focused on helping the Mendonoma Gualala area become more sustainable.

Climate change is having a negative impact on our coast and its residents. We believe in "think global and act local." 

We promote local action and education to  focus on environmental repair as well as community building. 

Together we can do more.